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Seminar Ambient Computing (zu CS 4503)

Seminar in Summer term 2015

Course of Studies

Master Informatik

Credits / Credit Hours

2 / 2



This seminar is a submodule of Module CS 4503 Ambient Computing and Applications (AmbCompA), "Vertiefungsmodul" for Master Informatik and Master Entrepreneurship in digitalen Technologien. 

It is only open for those, registering the whole module CS 4503 in the above mentioned study programs and participating in the respective lecture CS 4670 T Ambient Computing (AmbCompa).

This seminar deals with applications of Ambient Computing. Ambient Computing is the focus area of the ambient computing working group at the ITM and is there defined as "Application of ubiquitous and pervasive computing systems in interactive, context-sensitive multimedia scenarios". The seminar will investigate different aspects of this topic. Details will be announced in the introduction meeting.      

The whole seminar will be held in English, if not otherwise announced.

Place and Time

First preparation meeting: Thursday, April 16th 2015, 2:15pm, V2.


Weitere Informationen sowie Materialien zur Vorlesung und Übung finden sie unter https://moodle.uni-luebeck.de/course/view.php?id=1006

Für den Zugriff müssen Sie sich selbst in den den Kurs einschreiben. Dies wird spätestens zum Kursbeginn am 15.04.2015 möglich sein.


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