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Documentation Generation Tool for Motion-based Interactions

Type: Bachelor thesis
Status: Finished
Begin: From January 2014
Student: Kristof Stahl

Research Area

The research topic of the working group Ambient Computing at the Institute of Telematics is the development of interactive, context-aware ubiquitous systems. A major application area is the so called Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), which focus on age appropriate assistive technologies as solutions for the challenges imposed by the ageing societies and the demands for an autonomous living at age.

The Thesis Topic

In the last years the amount of motion interaction with computers and even full body interaction has increased. Those interactions are nevertheless not always simple enough to understand without a proper documentation. Regarding the documenting aspects of motion-based interactions have been discussed in a previous thesis, where Labanotation is used for describing related movements to interactions. Even though Labanotation and also it's XML representation is human readable, the user can't be required to know how to read it. Thus developing some framework or tool is required to translate the XML representation of the Labanotation to some sort of documentation readable by any human. This tool would receive a XML representation of any in Labanotation written movement and translate it to video, text and audio or even more abstract forms of documentation.

The thesis will investigate how to develop such a tool. It will contain the development of a basic framework to generate forms of documentation. While the framework itself has to be extensible to any new form of documentation, an example on how the resulting documentation will be generated is demonstrated. First the implementation of basic text translation for movement documentation is shown. Afterwards the implementation of an animation interface which will connect to a 3D-model-viewer will be implemented to generate animations. These animations can be adapted as videos. At the end of the thesis the framework will be capable of generating movement documentation in text and animated video or even both. It will also be simply to adapt and extend. The interface to describe the documentation type should be easy to understand and implement so any type of information can be generated based on the given movement.


Skills in Java programming under the Eclipse Platform. This work will engage the student in a number of interesting technical challenges by working with modular software design, XML modelling and parsing, etc. Design experiences for a simple and intuitive GUI would be ideal but are not mandatory. Supervision is organized in English. Therefore, the thesis should be performed in English as well. The software will be published under an open source license scheme.

Small Print

After introduction into the topic and implementation of the required tasks, a solid documentation has to be performed. The implemented code has to be completely commented and will be released under the Apache Open Source Licence. The rules for Writing Scientific Theses at the institute have to be followed.

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