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Localization of Mobile Sensor Nodes

Type: Bachelor thesis
Status: Finished
Begin: As soon as possible
Student: Philipp Abraham
Tutor: Maick Danckwardt, Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Ebers

Research Area

Wireless sensor nodes

Abstract as published in the thesis

Recent advancements in technology and production enable wide spread use
of wireless sensor networks. Collecting data everywhere around us helps to
understand the processes happening and thus to improve live quality, save the
environment or optimize businesses. But the data gained is only of value if its
context is known. Often, the location of a measurement is, next to its time, the
most important information needed to evaluate the data. Especially if the data
is from a mobile device like a robot, a mobile phone or a sensor node attached
to an animal.
In this thesis an attempt is made to locate a Roomba vaccum cleaner robot
equipped with a sensor node in a wireless sensor network. Prior works are
shown and different methods for localization analyzed. A localization using
signal strength and odometry data is implemented and evaluated practically.
Results show that using the gained data, a position can only be estimated rough-
ly. In the worst case deviations of more than 5 meters occur.
This enables to determine the room a sensor is located in, which is acceptable
for most location aware services. For navigating a robot, however, these values
are not sufficient.

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