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Winter Term 2013/2014

Bachelor Degree Courses

Name Type Credits
Bachelor-Seminar Informatik - Medientechnologie (CS3702) Seminar 4
Betriebssysteme (CS1100) Course 4
Programmieren (CS1000) Course 8

Master Degree Courses

Name Type Credits
Mainframes: Architekturen und Programmierung (CS4157) Course 4
Master-Seminar "Cloud Computing" (CS5840, CS5480, CS5015, CS5191) Seminar 4
Mobile Multimediasysteme (CS5155) Course 4
Praktikum Enterprise IT (CS4199, CS5196, CS5490) Practical Course 4
SOA-Technologien (CS5152) Course 4
Verteilte Systeme (CS4150) Course 4

Other Courses

There are no courses available for Other Courses.

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